Busy Going Nowhere


There is nothing interesting in this post.  It is purely about my domestic routine today and possibly a very dull post.

As all best laid plans do, when I thought I knew exactly what was going to happen next, today’s plans did not pan out exactly as I predicted and went completely in the other direction.

Yesterday the daughter was off school after we’d picked her up on Tuesday when she’d been complaining of breathing difficulties and a pain in her chest when she breathed in deep.  We tried her a few times with her inhaler which she hasn’t broke out for over a year, but even this made her cry because she said it caused pain.  We were still at the “play it by ear” stage of thinking as she was physically well apart from this and it was only when she went to give us a goodnight kiss that evening when we noticed her lips were cyanotic.

We had to battle with not wanting to be a knee jerk parent who rushes their child to A&E for an itchy foot against not wanting to be the parent who thinks the loss of an arm is manageable with a Band-Aid.  Luckily we have a few friends who work in nursing and we were able to phone them up to pick their brains on how they thought we should deal with this.  Frankly we are confident and competent parents, but at times like these it’s nice to have another voice just for reassurance.

In the end we opted for turning the baby monitor on and sporadically checking on the daughter throughout the night.  The most reassuring times during the night were when she coughed or took a drink from by her bed and we knew for that small period of time we didn’t need to go in and disturb her further.

Most of yesterday was spent making sure she was wrapped up and watching her TV shows on her tablet something we never did for our son, if he was of school we ensured he was bored when in “recovery mode” so it would never be a strong enough motivator for faking an illness ), eating small amounts, napping when she naturally fell asleep and keeping her topped up with magic calpol. It felt yesterday there was lots of running around getting nothing done, but as both the daughter and the wife weren’t doing so well the house getting messier over time no matter how hard I tried to stop that, was going to happen regardless.

I’d resigned myself to the fact that today was going to be one of those days again and I’d just have to work a little bit harder to keep the state of the house static. However, and this is one of those moments where I have to wonder if my daughter has any of my genes at all, we spent the very start of the morning being as quiet as possible so as not to wake the little girl. 8am came though and she’d got out of bed all ninja style her noises were not picked up on the monitor, which we’d still got the in her room, and was down stairs fully dressed and ready to go to school Sans breakfast.
What child does that? Sneaks around, puts on the charm offensive and begs to go to school, she really is a rare one indeed.  She did have her breakfast, we just went in a little later and let the teacher know how keen she had been but we were at home all day so could come at any point to collect her.

It felt good that I got to go home and be my default ‘Mr Domestic’ today.

I’m not a person to brag, in fact I suspect I usually default to humility, deference,  and self depreciating esteem as I feel were I to have too much confidence then ultimately just come across as an arrogant arse hole, but today I did very well.
Lots of financial paperwork for foster child was done that had been building up and needed the receipts scanning, logging and balancing.  I sorted the medications and tablets that over the Christmas period seemed to have been gathering in little pockets around the house, EBay sales were set rolling (as well as all the software to make this happen was downloaded and reinstated on the Mac) several rounds of laundry were complete, I cooked a full roast dinner with hassle back roast baby potatoes.  Whilst cooking the dinner I remembered I had a big tub of home-made white sauce that needed using in the fridge very soon after had prepped up 4 individual cauliflower cheese dishes for tea tomorrow and I’ve done all the pot washing, to then take my son to his guitar lesson, then back home to get the children bathed and into bed.  Followed up by catching up on two weeks worth of daily records for the foster child, which takes some time on it’s own, then more laundry and packing of all the school bags for tomorrow so there will be no rushing around in the morning.

I genuinely thought today was going to be a day where I only got the bare essentials completed in the house because I would have a little one to look after and entertain, but it turns out the girl’s defective gene changed those plans and I got to reset the house.

Some day’s it’s nice just to be domestic and reset the house to zero.  It’s nice to find a place for everything and restore a small level of equilibrium, regardless of how much you know this really isn’t going to last.  Though I’m not a believer in the practice of Feng Shui and the thought that arranging materialistic items into a certain pattern can channel ethereal energies more effectively around a home, it does feel calming to the mind and soul when all the home is clean and you sit down knowing in the back of your mind that there isn’t anything that needs cleaning, tidying, sorting or arranging at some point.

Today was one of those days.

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