Small society

So David Cameron’s big society failed, who’d have thought it.

It doesn’t take an astute person to predict a government synonymous for their elitism, out of touch views on the greater society, suppressing of paedophile rings, back slapping with big cooperation’s, an obvious ‘in bed’ affinity with the newspapers, a blatant disregard for a lot of basic human rights; the systematic dismantling of the services that make our country great, nursing, social services, teaching, law and even the strangling of the arts to name but a few of their abhorrent practices is not going to be a government that will successfully and to fruition implement changes and pathways of support for the underclass of the society.

As a side note, cutting the funding to arts and the strangling of education reminds me of a quote from one of my favourite films (I have many favourite films)

Well, I guess you can cut the arts as much as you want, Gene. Sooner or later, these kids aren’t going to have anything to read or write about.

But I digress, the Guardian talks of the failure of this idea and the hypocrisy of the people who were Screenshot 2015-01-21 15.24.38supposedly going to champion it and now as a new election looms we recognise the fakery and total lack of gusto behind the previous proposed societal changes

I think however that this could eventually lead to the change and revolution we need.

And I’m not talking about the Russell Brand revolution, a revolution that smacks of modern day dramatisation of Animal Farm with Russell being Napoleon and his legion of fans the attack dogs. Seriously, who actually has any faith in anything Russell Brand says, for a short period of time his flame shone bright and he seemed like he was going to effect the change we need. Now he reminds me of the contestants that left the Big Brother house when it was at the height of it’s popularity. They would be told what the public liked about them and they would amp all the phrases they said or the mannerisms they portrayed ultimately becoming pantomime caricatures of themselves.   Russell seems nothing more than Pantomime Russell Brand who we love to boo, hiss and cheer though ultimately not take seriously.

The revolution I believe that could happen will be a very slow process but could carry the unstoppable weight of a creeping glacier. It won’t be an uprising where the populace take an action if the government brings in a change that is the final straw and the crucible to muster our anger to take to the streets, unfortunately we are too western to jeopardise our home comforts (me included) We will never suddenly or dramatically be the change we need.

As the government keep bombarding us with cuts and restrictions of civil liberties our society will find new ways to survive. Together we will find ways to be happy, to keep our family units strong and will draw closer to form the communities of support where we live that in no way could have ever been created by a policy or a motion in the house of lords.

Families will support families and friend will support friends and communities will build up as a response to the needs of the many. We will relearn to truly appreciate the people we have around us and what we can do for each other, to support ourselves through these times. Sometimes we need to recede and regroup to survive. Even at a biological level our bodies respond protect us in extreme weathers

Instinctively, the web of surface capillaries on your hands constrict, sending blood coursing away from your skin and deeper into your torso. Your body is allowing your fingers to chill in order to keep its vital organs warm.

During the miners strike in 1984, though I’m fully aware that I only talk only about my memories as a 12 year old boy without real political insight or greater understanding of what was happening at the time, I remember walking 2-3 miles into Mansfield town centre a few times a week just so I could get a meal from the soup kitchen. I remember parcels of food from all over Europe being delivered to our house just so my mum and dad could put something on the table for us to eat (I remember eating octopus and beans on toast for breakfast as no other family would accept it when it came in the food parcels from France). I remember the love and the closeness and the sense of being part of the community of support that the hardship brought us.

My mum went from living in a patriarchal home after a traditional upbringing where the women looked after the family and to becoming an important member of a local support group, helping with soup kitchens, going on marches, public speaking and being taken seriously and respect. As a result of that time, she is now a woman you wouldn’t want to mess with when she sets her mind to something, those times have made her strong.

So the faux big society was a front and the time of austerity is a god-awful unbalanced tool to throw the underclass further down the tunnel of desperation. But this means we will gather closer, this means we can love harder and value the people around us and the time we spend together looking away from the shiny shiny distractions

I firmly believe we are strong and we will have our big society, but it will be of our own creation.

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