Pickled people, or Peripheral Domestic Paraphernalia Part 2

When we moved to Wales 4 years ago we had a lot of free time on our hands for the first year.  We went from being a family where both adults worked,FB_IMG_1419589939681 juggled childcare and ran our hectic lives the best we could, to stay at home folk.  In selling the house, we chose to take the risk of not tying ourselves to a job straight away, or a house chain.  In doing so we opted for renting and therefore could look at living anywhere in the country.

As a result of this idea, we burned through the entirety of our equity from selling the house, in the space of that first year.  This has been the best decision we have ever made, it helped the transition to our new life and let us focus on getting to know the local area and adjusting to our new pattern of living.

One of the things we got into with all our free time was Pinterest, the website for bookmarking, sharing and remembering neat ideas that you’d like to try at one time or another.  We used it to group together ideas about cooking , crafting, places to visit, things for the home and random stuff (but obviously you can mix it up exactly how you like) so we could not only fill our time, but so we could change the look of our lives and our home.

An idea we saw, and ultimately liked was the recycling of glass jars for picture frames.  We went a little mad and filled our whole mantle piece with a variety of pictures in a variety of jars, and it worked a lot better than we planned.  I’m sure a few pockets of jars here and there would also look cool in their isolation or stylistically minimalist approach, but a mass of collected jars seems to have it’s own style too.

Obviously we could swap out the photo’s if we wanted to at any time (like any picture frame), but actually found when we went to do a refresh we actually still really liked each and every one we had picked.  We call this collection of pictures our pickled people.

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