It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

I got my first Christmas present today for my family for this year, only 345 days to go.

Each year I try to get all of my presents done as soon as I can, though I usually forget by mid-February at stop actively thinking of people as I walk around the shops.  Then I slot right back in with the atypical folk of leaving the shopping until the last 3 months, sometimes 3 weeks.

A few years ago I got into home crafting such as making my own soap, blueberry vodka, jams, chutneys, biscuits, cakes and such forth.  The wife and I spent the run up to Christmas, many months before, personalising gifts, hand stitching bags with our friends children’s names on and making items fit in.  It was a great idea and something I loved sinking myself into, even if it probably worked out we spent a little more on everyone and the time dedicated to making it all look nice was longer than we would have done scrolling through the Not in the High street, Etsy, Amazon and such like.  I even did a few videos of the soaps I made because it was all still a novelty.

This was tarnished however by one or two people ripping open our gifts and tossing them to the side because they didn’t understand them, like them or recognised they weren’t bought from a shop.  This total ingratitude and deviation from what Christmas should be put us back a little and next year we just didn’t have the drive to make the effort.

It’s been about 3 years since we gave that a go so this year I’m back on the horse, although there’ll be a two-pronged approach so as to not have all the joy sucked from us from the Bah humbug killjoys.  The people we know who want an item from a retailer that is new, shiny and needs to come from a shop will get just that, we’ll still put thought into it and endeavour to make sure it will be something they like and use, whilst the majority of our friends will get the a more personal gift.

This year I’m thinking of hampers with soaps, chutneys, jams, framed pictures, a few simple print and play games and a selection of soaps.  The real task will be finding the boxes to present them in, the packaging for the boxes, and how to lay it all out.  I have a year to work this out so I’m not too panicked.

I’m also thinking of doing a big batch of blueberry vodka in nice bottles, but I can’t guarantee I’ll send that to anyone.

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